Monday, July 1, 2013

Drink Kutztown Soda!

The last few weeks, Avery will say something like, "Maj winna boolah ameninana. That means I'm hungry." Or "Inca doo madina woo. That means I want to use the ipad." "What language are you speaking, Avery?" I ask. Her answer, "Oh, I am just speaking in language seventeen."

I wish UPS and FedEx had a special knock. Then I could just keep lying on the couch with my eyes closed when I have a migraine instead of going to the door thinking it is somebody cool when it is really just a dishwasher part. Or, if I am getting new clothes, I could run to the door like my kids do whenever they hear the door. I just want to know who it is. I guess I'll have to get a door camera. Because my house is so big that going all the way to the door is a hassle...

I called at 9:10 this morning to see if there were any appointments available for Avery to get her awful cough checked out. "Sure," the impossibly cute receptionist answered. "Can you come at 9:30?" I think I said, "Ummmm" or maybe "Aaaggghhh! I haven't even gotten out of bed, and my kids are all in pajamas, and we haven't eaten breakfast, and I have to BE THERE in twenty minutes!" Fine. I really said, "That sounds great," like it was no big deal. But I thought the other things. 

We were only one minute late.

Avery has croup and asthmatic symptoms, so we have to postpone our visit to my sister a day or two so she doesn't share anything with the new baby. 

Kutztown soda is really good. It's probably bad for me to find soda I am not allergic to when I weighed in at an all time non-pregnancy weight high today. But it is soooo good! And it has no corn syrup.

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