Thursday, July 18, 2013

Justin Bieber and Ponytails

The kids were talking about a day camp they went to the other day.

Preston: Some of the girls there actually like Justin Bieber. For real.
Avery: Yeah, that's because people are different.
Preston: But they LIKE him!
Avery: People just like different things.

We got up kind of late this morning, and I was trying to get the bigger kids ready to go. Sadie and I had this conversation.

Sadie: Ponytail. Mommy needs a ponytail.
Me: Yes. Sadie, did you eat breakfast?
Sadie: Yah!
Me: I didn't get you anything yet.
Sadie: Pessy did it. Had see-we-oh! (Preston and cereal) Need a ponytail.

I know it's not an amazing conversation, but it seemed kind of funny for my nineteen month old kid to actually have a useful conversation with me. Plus, it's kind of sad that she already knows when my hair looks that crazy that it's going up in a ponytail.

And now, she's going around the house saying, "Puppy! Puppy! Where's the puppy?"

We went to Target last night. While we were checking out, Sadie ripped a magazine, so we felt like we had to buy it. The cover said, "New Ways To Wear Jeans!" Bill thought maybe it would be a new thing to wear them on your arms. Nope. Just the regular way. Stupid false advertising. 

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