Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Christmas Butter Makes a Comeback

I wish I had been smart enough to get a video of Avery as her sedative started to take effect yesterday at the dentist. She was curled up on a love sac watching "The Little Mermaid" until she was out enough for them to work in her. "Mom, I need you to turn the light on in here. I can't see the colors on the TV. Where did all the colors go? I can't see the colors anymore. They went away." All said with that loopy sounding voice that would have made it a really funny video.

I am used to hearing my kids say I am mean. I am not used to overhearing my kids talk about me. I heard Preston say, "Mama makes the best milkshakes in the whole world!" (He was anticipating the milkshakes I would make since Avery couldn't eat anything hard or crunchy, and he knew he would probably get one as well.)

Yesterday, Sadie surprised me. I said, "One, two, three." She spoke up, "Bour, Bive, Sis, Seben, Eight, Nine." I had no idea she knew how to count at all. She had not even counted to three before.

This morning before her nap, I asked Sadie what song she wanted me to sing to her. She changes her mind all the time, but today she asked for a song I had never sung to her at all. "I want 'Christmas Butter,'" she said. I have no idea how to put a link to an old blog that talks about "Christmas Butter," but it is a song Carter made up when he was almost three. Anyway, I told Carter about it after he got home, and he smiled his sneaky smile. Some of you have seen that smile. Apparently, he had been teaching her that song and trying to get her to sing it for a while. 

Preston did his math homework earlier this evening. I wondered what was taking him so long, but later Bill told me that he was doing each problem at least three different ways because he thought it was fun. What a weirdo.

Bill has a beard. He didn't shave for a week when we went to Tennessee because he forgot a razor. It is equal parts dark brown and gray. I can't believe how full and long it is after maybe ten days now. 

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