Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harry Botter and Monster Cheese

Sadie's favorite thing to say (other than "I don't wike it.") is "do it adain!" She says it any time anyone does anything she likes. It is super cute, even if I get sick of doing things over and over. It might just be so cute because she has about the cutest little kid voice ever. (I probably have thought that about all my kids, and I am probably prejudiced.)

The cutest thing she says is "Here-y Botter." She says it several times in a row every time someone puts on these round yellow glasses. She doesn't know who Harry Potter is, but she heard her cousin said that they were Harry Potter glasses, and she has heard Preston talking about the books lately.

I started to make Sadie a sandwich for lunch today. Keep in mind that she is only twenty-one months old, and you will understand why it was so funny that she asked me for "monster cheese" after I put the turkey on. She remembered that I said I was giving her muenster cheese yesterday when I made her a sandwich. Apparently, she likes it better than the usual colby jack cheese because she actually ate all of it both days instead of her usual two bites.

I overheard Avery talking about bonbons a minute ago. I asked her if she knew what they were. She answered, "Sure I do. They're chocolate balls that you just shove in your mouth all in one bite." I have never actually eaten a bonbon, but I think she's right.

Sadie was my earliest talker. Her first word was at eight months, and she said two word sentences around eleven months. So, I kind of assumed she would be my smartest kid. But she still has no understanding of the concept of colors or letters, other than knowing that there are letters. Carter already knew his uppercase alphabet by the time he was Sadie's age, Preston knew all the letters before his second birthday, and she doesn't even know one letter. I know she is still really young, so I'm not worried or anything, but it is a little surprising that she is so far behind the boys. (Avery was almost three before she knew them.) She does understand one concept way really well. She understands the importance of chocolate. It is usually one of the first things she asks me for every day. And I never thought I would have a kid who didn't like chocolate, but Carter really doesn't like it that much. So maybe she is smarter than he is...

Carter and Preston haven't been funny very much lately, at least not innocently like they used to. They keep trying hard to be funny, but the harder they try to be funny, the less funny they actually are. That is also true with most adults. 

My kids want to have a theme for their Halloween costumes. What can you recommend for two older boys (not that old), a bigger girl, and one toddler girl? Previous themes have been Super Mario Bros, Paranormal Red Riding Hood characters, transformers, typical Halloween monsters, animals, and superheroes. Give me your ideas, if you have any for me. 


  1. Peter Pan! You can do Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook, and Tinkerbell. It's perfect!

  2. How about Scooby Doo characters?