Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Today is Yellow

Preston came upstairs crying. He was supposed to be in bed. Heather said, as she showed off her fake nunchuck skills with Avery's nunchucks from her Halloween costume, "I'll give you something to cry about." Preston started crying harder, not realizing that she was just joking. She assured him that she wouldn't really hit him. He was almost calm. Heather asked, "Where do you want me to put this?" I told her to put the nunchucks in the Halloween bin in the storage room. She tossed them down the stairs to put them away the next time she went down, but they hit Preston on the head as they went past. Fifteen seconds after she finished reassuring him that she would never really hit him with nunchucks.

Aunt of the Year.

I said out loud, mostly to myself, "What day is it today?" Sadie answered, "Eweven." "No, eleven is a number." Sadie replied, "Oh. Is it yewow?" 

I don't know when she is going to understand colors and numbers and days of the week and letters. Obviously, not before she is two, which is next week...

Thanks to her husband getting a better job, my favorite massage therapist (and friend) has moved to another state. So, when I woke up unable to move well, I pulled out the chair massager. Sadie keeps sticking her hand between my back and the little rolling balls and saying, "Oh! It bumped my hand! Now it bumped my finger! Now it bumped my other finger!" 

My favorite thing that Sadie says lately is, "You stow (stole) it!" She says it about everything. "Ruby stow my shoes!" she said when she noticed they had the same shoes. "Tarter stow my scissors!" she said when Carter took some sharp scissors away for her safety. "Daddy stow my marters!" she said when he took some markers she had used to draw all over herself and the house. "Mama, you stow my sippy tup!" she says every day when I load one into the dishwasher. And yesterday, as I was cleaning up her breakfast, which was one of those gross sausages wrapped in a pancake on a stick that one of her brothers got for her, she said, "You stow my hot dog!" I didn't know if she really knew what stealing was, but the other day at the store, they had some samples of candy sitting out at our awesome local Amish store. The whole way home, and afterward for a while, she kept saying, "Daddy stow the tandy at the store. He stow it!" She seemed to understand that he ate some and gave her some without paying for it. She didn't really seem to get the concept of free samples. Maybe she thinks we're stealing every time we go to Costco.

Yesterday, I was minding my own business when Sadie yelled, "There's a reawy big bubbow!" She ran to me and hit my bum. "There. I popped it." Then she hit the other side of my bum. "Now I popped the other bubbow." 

Avery made herself a list for each day of the week. On each list, she wrote down all the things she needs to do to get ready for school or church or basketball, depending on the day. Today, she said, "You don't have to tell me what thing to do next before school every day. I can just look at my lists and see what I have done or what still needs to be done. Sometimes, if I listen to you, then I skip something on my list, and it makes me forget something. So, I have to do it in the order of my lists. Okay?" 

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