Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Darn Ninja

Sadie kept kicking me in my injured shoulder. Her explanations:  "I'm sorry! I was doing a baway on your arm." (Ballet) Then, when she did it a few seconds later, "I was just doing a ninja on your arm. I was being a ninja. Do you want me to do another ninja? Do you?" I didn't.

Sadie frequently has these kinds of conversations. I wrote the next one as she was saying the weird stuff. She was still going for a long time, but she stole one of my hands, so I quit recording the conversation because it was hard to type with one hand. 

Sadie: Wook at this. It's a darn?
Me: What's a darn?
Sadie: It's a darn darn darn. It's a darn poop! (Giggle) It's a darn poop on the swide! It's a darn poop poop poop. I can't put my ehbow up! I can't put my ehbow up! Oh yeah, I can. We should go get the maioh again. We should. I'm asweep. Honk shoo. Oh, now it's breakfast time. See my toesies? See them? They are right here! See my toes darn. See them died. My other toes died. And my hands. See it? Argh. This is garbage. Cuddoh up. I wih, Mommy. Oh no! Where's my bread? Cwosed and open and cwosed. It's gone. Poor behwy. See, my behwy's wost. My behwy's wost! It disappeared. I wih NEVER get my bread. Never get my behwy. I wih sweep on you, Mom. It's okay. I'm gonna feeoh you. I'm gonna feeoh your hand. Fingers go home. Never wost again. Never wost again again. It's okay, I can do that, finger. You can go home and have a daddy dinner. 

I don't know how her little mind works, but I love listening to her. And now she has a little piece of wrapping paper and is telling me that she's trying to make something. It's hard to keep up with her. "Surprise! It's a present! It's for you. I found you this present. You can open it up. See? See, I opened it up. Mommy, I'm trying to fix this. Now it's a party hat. Happy Birthday! It's your happy birthday." And she's going again. 

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  1. I would love to just spend a day with her and listen to all her funny and wise ramblings!