Monday, April 14, 2014

Sneeze Booms

I told my sister and mom that Preston had been eating so much the last few weeks and that he would probably have a big growth spurt soon. He responded, "I will not! That's mean to say, Mom." I asked how it could be a mean thing to say he was about to grow a lot. He started to laugh. "I thought you said I was going to have a BIG GROSS BURP instead of a big growth spurt!" (It was a pants of doom moment.)

Preston stayed home from school because he was sick. Sadie has loved having him here. "Preston is a farm cat. No, he's a waggiwy taiow woof woof. No, he's a wady bug, not a occopus."

Sadie also said, "I sneezed a funny sound. I did a sneeze boom!"

The first thing Sadie asked for this morning was black licorice. 

We went up to my sister's house for the weekend so Bill could help her husband put their new play set together. It was really awesome on the way home. First, we stopped for dinner. The first place we went to was randomly closed that day. The next place ended up taking us almost two hours. It was already bedtime before we even started driving. About a minute after we started driving, Sadie threw up all over. We stopped and cleaned it up. I was outside, trying to get something out of the back of the car for her when I knocked myself out for a few seconds by hitting my head really hard. (I'm guessing that was why I woke up with a really bad headache the next day.) We finally got everything in order and started driving again. About twenty minutes later, she did it again. We stopped at the next exit and cleaned her up. About ten minutes later, Avery started crying because she had to go potty really badly. We drove another ten or fifteen minutes until we found a place. We still had to drop my mom off at my other sister's house on the way home. (For some reason, she didn't want to sleep at our house when we had a kid throwing up.) And that's how our hour and a half drive home turned into over five hours. And we still had to bathe a kid covered in vomit and take the car seat apart to wash it. It was awesome. And Bill wasn't feeling great that whole time, and I could barely walk, so it was hard for me to help out much when we got home. 

At my sister's house, Sadie wanted ice in her water. She kept getting upset when the ice would disappear a minute later. "I need another piece! Someone stow my piece! It's aw gone!" I tried to explain about how ice melts and turns into water, but she didn't get it.

We thought after Sadie and her cousin got in huge trouble a week ago for coloring all over themselves and the house with markers that she wouldn't do it anymore. Wrong. Then next day, she drew on the wall downstairs with a sharpie. Last night, she drew all over her little play house and her whole body with a blue marker. We thought we had thrown them all away, but I guess we missed one. It didn't wash off in the bath, so she is a mess. She knew she was being naughty. Even as she was discovered, she started saying, "We ony cowor on paper with crayons. We ony cowor on paper." 

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