Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carter Is Awesome!

Sadie wandered into my room around ten last night. "Why are you out of bed?" I asked her. "I can't sweep very weh-oh." I asked her why she was having trouble sleeping. She replied, "I can't sweep good because of the stars." "The stars?" I asked. "Yes. The stars are too woud out there. They keep booming. The stars are too woud for me to sweep." I finally realized what she was talking about. "You can't sleep because you keep hearing the neighbors doing fireworks?" "Yes. The fireworks are too woud," she confirmed.

Sadie brought me a juice drink she wanted to have. "Can I have it?" I didn't answer quickly enough. "Mama, may I pwease have it? Mama is awesome!" I don't feel as bad about giving in to the cuteness when it is a fruit and veggie juice drink.

Carter taught her to say "Carter is awesome!" any time she wants him to give her something or help her with something. She just figured out that she could apply the same saying to other people. While he was in Idaho, she would frequently ask me for something and end her request with, "Carter is awesome!" 

A kids Pandora station was playing. Sadie heard a song, and started to get really excited. "It sounds wike my princess song! That's MY princess! That's Ari-oh! I wuv Ari-oh! She's MY favorite princess!" She was right. It was "Part of Your World" that came on.

Our kids have never had to go to bed before. At least, that's what you would think every single night when they are appalled that they have to go to bed. How dare we tell them not to get out of bed again! And who do we think we are, making them brush their teeth before bed? We have the same routines every night. It is not like it is a surprise to them, but they act like they would never have expected such a thing as bedtime to actually happen to them. I am going crazy that it still happens and that each kid, especially the older three, gets out of bed multiple times each night. Also, it might be worse because I had about four years of good sleepers, and I keep thinking, over the last seven years, that they should go back to being good sleepers like they were when they were babies and toddlers. 

We put Sadie to bed early tonight before we went somewhere. The other kids and babysitter were supposed to stay downstairs so she could sleep. Thirty minutes later, we got a call that she had followed us outside when we left, had run down the street after us, had played in the dirt, and she finally had knocked on the door to get back inside. They called right when she came back. Nobody had any idea that she had even gotten out of bed. Apparently, nobody locked the top lock that Sadie can't unlock. I feel so blessed that nothing happened to her, other than some apparent dirt eating. 

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