Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carter is Eight!

We have a rule at our house, new this year, that anytime someone whines, they have to clean up ten things.  Hopefully, it will help lessen the whining as well as helping us have a cleaner house.  I'm thinking our house should be spotless by now, between the kids and me...

We are sick.  (Yes, I already know that I will have to clean at least a hundred things once I am better enough to move.)  Really sick.  Some of us were sick all week.  But we had a little miracle happen.  We were somehow better Friday and Saturday, for Carter's baptism.  We woke up today sick again, but I am so glad that we were able to make it to his baptism and feel well enough to actually enjoy it.  I almost cried during his baptism, but the urge to laugh helped counteract the crying.  You would have laughed, too.  Bill never thought to go over with Carter what would happen when they were in the water.  So, Carter ended up pinching his nose and squeezing his eyes shut the whole time, way before he needed to.  Definitely the funniest baptism that I have ever seen.  My brother was shaking with laughter next to me.  Somehow, my little nephew Nathan didn't notice.  He said, "When Carter got baptized, I feeled really special."  I'm glad. 

Plus, how did I get old enough to have an eight-year-old?  Just wondering.

Another good thing.  We have so many leftovers that we don't have to worry about meals for a couple of days.  And the kids are making their own lunch.  I'm glad, because I don't think I could walk all the way to the kitchen right now, and Bill is passed out, like he has been the whole day.  (I know, ten more things to clean up once I'm better,)


  1. Oh!! I hope you all feel better!!! Congrats to Carter! Seriously, I remember him as this cute 4 month old! Time flies WAY too fast!

  2. Cute baptism story! When Abby was baptized, my uncles told me after coming out of the water and heading to the stairs to get out, she pushed out her arms and swam to them! Unfortunately I missed this great moment because no doubt I was temporarily distracted by one of the twins, but they still laugh about it to this day. I'm wishing you all better so we can come and play next week!