Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Mom's Weird Doorbell and Grass Skirts

My mom sent me an email, and this paragraph made me laugh.
"Several electrical things in our house have been going berserk. The garage doors don't close right, the computer's been weird, and the tv, but the weirdest has been the doorbell. When you push it, it won't ring. But then randomly out of the blue it will ring by itself. Even in the middle of the night. And it doesn't just play the regular ding dong ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. It has played, Glory, glory hallelujah, Please don't let this feeling end, shave and a haircut 10 cents, and something else."

I know what you're all thinking.

Ghosts with a sense of humor.

Also, Preston wanted to know if I was going to get a grass skirt to wear when I go to Hawaii next week.  I told him that people don't just wear grass skirts there unless they're dancing hula or something.  He responded, "Why?  Because it's illegal for regular people to wear grass skirts?" 

What do you say to that?


  1. That's next week already? Wow, time is flying by. I hope you have a great time. Take lots of pictures to show us!

  2. I hope you get Preston a grass skirt while you're there since he's not just a regular person.

  3. Hawaii!! Can I come??! I had a dream about you last night that I was in Provo and we were going to hang out. We went to the wilk to hear your favorite band play (because what band DOESN'T want to play the wilk) and then we went to the coolest local bar that only serves non-alcholic drinks. Oh and we brought all our kids. Can you say party?? You sure know how to hang out!