Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sick Day

Carter, Avery, and I are all home sick today.  It's awesome.

I don't want Bill to feel left out of this blog, and I keep laughing in my mind every time I think about a comment he made a few years ago.  We had returned to my parents' house after attending my ten year high school reunion.  My mom and sister were asking how it went and how all the people were doing, etc.  At one point, Bill said, "Melissa looked better than 95% of the people there." 

a.  There were probably at least ten percent of the people who looked better than I did, so it was an inaccurate percentage.
b.  What five percent did Bill think looked better than me... you know... his WIFE?

Carter also sometimes get left out, but eight-year-olds can say funny things, too.  Like the other day.  I fixed his hair, and he said, "Mom, I don't really think my hair looks good like this.  This kind of hair only looks good if I had a beard."


  1. Carter's comment made me laugh, and how did he come to that opinion??

  2. lol! And I am sure no one looked better then you! :)