Friday, June 28, 2013

Camping Outfit

I forgot earlier the whole reason I started to write a post. No, it wasn't about Sadie going all the way into my bathroom, grabbing my glasses, and taking them into the kitchen to throw them away. My nearly $500 glasses. Luckily, my husband caught her just in time and dug them out of the trash. And no, it wasn't to complain about how many times a day I have to flush the toilets in the kids' bathrooms, even though they are six, eight, and ten years old. At least four times a day, sometimes much more, if you were wondering. And I wasn't going to write about Sadie and her young cousins finding so much joy in playing with the bath toys... in the toilet. Gross. I wasn't going to tell you about Avery writing her love songs and trying to sing them while playing the guitar. She doesn't know how to play the guitar. Or sing. At least not on pitch. But man, can she write a mean love song! Disney should hire her for all their teen singing sensation shows. It's probably where she gets her inspiration. No, I was going to tell you about being chubby.

We went camping last weekend. It was really cold in the mornings and at night, so I had on about six layers of shirts and sweatshirts and jackets. I looked a bit on the round side, and my outer jacket was red. Preston looked at me when I came out of the tent and said, "Well, helloooo Santa!"

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