Saturday, August 31, 2013

Job Descriptions

My paying jobs before I had kids, in order of appearance (appearance of the jobs, not the kids):

1. Yard work 
2. House work
3. Babysitting
4. Piano Teacher
5. Shelving and Organizing Books
6. Delivering Papers
7. Folding and Hanging Clothes, Helping Customers Find Clothes that Fit Them and Putting Outfits Together, Occasional Personal Shopper
8. Stocking Shelves with Food and Toiletries
9. Handing out Candy
10. Gardening Help
11. Handing out and Grading Tests
12. Waitress
13. Taking Care of Special Needs Kids During the Summer
14. Janitor
15: Paper Folder
16: Answering Phones, Calling People about Accounts

Now, I do all that and much more, nobody pays me, and my kids try to undo all of my work, usually before I am even finished with it. And nobody appreciates me except when I am doing number nine. 


  1. The first time I saw you at BYU was at the candy counter! Mmmmm, fudge.

  2. Oh Melissa! I miss you. You make me laugh. Now I just want to go make some cheese fries in the microwave.