Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eyelash Extensions

Avery: I whap people who tickle me.
Me: What?
Avery: Oh, it's just something I started doing...

Interesting Facts of the Day:

Ten minutes of a twenty-month-old playing the harmonica feels like two hours.
The nurse stabbed me fours times yesterday, and she still couldn't get the IV line in. I am really not looking forward to having a little tube thing put in so I can get my medication. I wish it was just a pill I could swallow.
My nurse has eyelash extensions. They are so long, and I can't look away when she is here. Apparently, I have terrible manners sometimes. Also, Avery will never need eyelash extensions. Or mascara. It's ridiculous.
Carter broke his cello string this morning. We have only had the cello a few weeks. He was really embarrassed to have to take it to class today with a string missing.
Sadie is going around the house with keys, trying to lock and unlock all the doors. Right now, she is using Bill's keys. Sometimes she uses her little plastic keys. Also, if she ever finds something little like a toothpick, she tries to stick it into my bedroom door.
Carter talked to me for over an hour straight after he got home about how much fun he had with my parents at Disneyland and Sea World. Now I know exactly how much the souvineers cost and why he decided to get each thing for each of his siblings and which rides were best and how he thinks he saved my mom's life. (He ran to get my dad and woke him up to help her when she was choking.)
Preston has gotten into the Harry Potter books finally. He can't stop talking about them and asking questions about every little thing. I can barely remember most of the little details. He also reads faster than Carter does.
Avery went on a field trip yesterday. She saw them feeding goldfish to the bigger fish. I am grossed out still, and I wasn't even there.
Sadie yells, "Help me! Help me!" to strangers when she is in a shopping cart and wants down. It probably looks like we kidnapped her. She also says "help" kind of with a southern accent. I like to think she takes after me since that was my first accent when I learned to talk. 


  1. Scary about your mom. Can they take me to Disneyland next time?

    Have Preston call me. I remember almost every detail of Harry Potter.

  2. I love when you post. Thanks for the smiles and giggles. Eli thought he was so funny today when he found a piece of kleenex and started running away giggling. And last night I had a dream where you and me and Laura went shopping at Walmart to look at clocks. We also, I think it was all of us, had just gone surf boarding.