Monday, September 30, 2013

Weird Day

Today was a weird day.

1. I got my first handicapped parking permit. Or whatever it's called. It was really easy, but the lady laughed when I came up to her counter. I don't know why. Maybe because she thought I didn't really need one? Also, we went to the wrong building first, and Bill parked really far away. Ironic?
2. I just found out that my friend had a gun go off and shoot her in the leg. I am worried about her.
3. I was stupid and went to Costco when I was really hungry. I came home with lots of chocolate and pastries and candy. I don't know why Bill didn't stop me from putting all that junk in the cart. I am going to be fatter this time next week. Probably this time tomorrow.
4. Sadie threw three separate tantrums where she yelled, "I don't wike it!" over and over, for about twenty minutes.
5. I have been looking up things to do when we go to Tennessee in a few weeks. It is surprising how expensive everything is in a state that I always think of as backwoods or hillbilly. 
6. Really cool people were born in Tennessee. Chattanooga, baby!
7. We got Sadie a new coat today at Costco. She will not take it off. One of those tantrums mentioned earlier was because Bill took the coat off so she could eat lunch. And it is really warm today.
8. Avery and Sadie played hide and seek. They just took turns hiding in the coat closet. 
9. As I was typing number eight, Bill brought me the huge tin of Belgian chocolate cookies because he had to take it away from Sadie, who had climbed onto the counter and was helping herself to my chocolates. What a punk.

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  1. #2. Yikes! Hope she's okay!

    My roommate from college just moved to Nashville. She's not sure she likes it yet but I think TN is beautiful.

    I miss costco.