Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bug Bites and Magnum Infinity Bars

Sadie: I have two bug bites. One is big, but one is wittow. Oh, wook at the wittow one. It's so cute!

Carter made a hot pocket for breakfast the other day. I wish I had taken a picture of his first bite, the moment he realized that it was a meatball one instead of bacon, egg, and cheese. He was so grossed out, then really upset because he had made the hot pocket in the first place because he had woken up late and didn't have much time for breakfast. I think he ended up taking a ziploc bag full of dry cereal with him when his ride got there a minute later.

Sadie woke up this morning because she heard the kids going out the door. She was so upset and cried, "I want Avie! I miss her! I want Carter to come back home! I miss him! I miss Presty!" It was probably worse because she didn't get to see them at all or say goodbye when they left. 

Magnum Infinity Chocolate. Best ice cream bar ever, especially if you like dark chocolate and can't have anything with nuts or corn syrup. Probably the best even if you can have those things.

Yesterday, the kids came home from school at 3:18. I was just waiting for them to come home so I could take a shower because Sadie hadn't cooperated all day to let me sooner. Carter said, "Mom, my Celebration of Learning is today." I asked him when it was. "It's at 4:00." I think I responded with, "Aaaggghhh!" I then called Bill to tell him he had to leave work that second so he could be home in time since I can't drive. I also talked to the nicest lady ever who had offered to pick Carter up so he could be there in time. I then took the fastest shower ever, got dressed, dried my hair so it was mostly straight but damp enough to still be frizzy, put makeup on, and yelled at the kids many times to get themselves ready. We were ready and waiting in the car at 3:50 when Bill got home. I know other people might not think that it sounds like a miracle, but to a lady who usually has to take breaks between each little thing when getting ready, it sure felt like a miracle. I may not have done anything else that night after we got home. And I may not have been up to getting out of bed much today, including for Avery's Celebration of Learning. I promise I love all my kids equally, even if I do not go to their different events equally. 

And here is my usual getting ready schedule: Shower. (Take a bath if I am too tired to stand long enough for a shower.) Rest for an hour or two. Dry my hair. Rest for twenty minutes. Scrounge up some chocolate. Put half of my makeup on. Rest for ten minutes. Finish my makeup. Rest again. Realize what a bad job I do on my makeup when I can't see out of one eye. Eat some chocolate to feel better about my bad makeup. Feel too worn out after all that work to actually go anywhere. Eat more chocolate. (We have church at 11:00 right now, and it is really hard for me to make it on time. Luckily, pretty much anything else I would be getting ready for is in the evening, and it's rare to go anywhere because people don't invite me to many things lately, and our kids don't have that many activities.)

Sadie: Mom, come find me. I'm pwaying hide and seek. I'm on your wegs. Come find me. You can't see me. 

She is not very good at hiding, but she loves it when I find her and tickle her. She also went "tick or treating" all over my house the last few days, which really just involved her dumping out the Costco sized bag of Hi Chew candies and putting them all over the house in different containers. I have found them in her tea set, in her doll bed, in a Barbie purse, in a sock, and in three different shoes. Bill found some in her doll carrier and in some little buckets. We've only recovered about half of the bag. I look forward to discovering where the rest is hiding. 

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