Thursday, May 1, 2014

Picnic Pillows

Sadie: My hair is aw shiny and cwean. It wooks nice, and it is so soft. (She scrunched her nose up.) Your hair doesn't wook very good, Mommy. It's aw messy.

My nephew brought his dinner plate inside to us. They had been having a picnic in the backyard. "I'm sorry, but I just didn't want to finish all of the pillow. I just don't really like to eat pillows very much." He handed Bill a plate with everything gone except for most of the hot dog pillow, I mean bun...

After their picnic, Sadie and her three year old cousin were kind of disgusting. I gave them a bath together. I heard my niece say, "Hey Sadie! Your bummy matches mine!" Sadie solemnly replied, "Yeah, it does..." 

We are going to Disneyland in less than a month. The first time I measured Sadie, it looked like she was about 39". I was thinking that, with her shoes on, she would be able to ride all the 40" rides. I measured her again and realized she's really only about 38". I started thinking about ways that we could make her appear taller. I even looked at shoes that would make her appear taller. Then I started thinking about why they have the height requirements. I do want her to be safe. I also realized what it would teach my children if they saw me going out of my way to break rules and being dishonest. Once in while, I hate having a conscience. I hope she still has fun missing those rides. Or maybe she will grow an inch before we go, although, if that happens, they won't believe she is under three and should get in free. She is already taller than lots of three year old kids and quite a few four year old kids.

About a week ago, I was trying to explain to Sadie about the rides at Disneyland. Since then, she is sure that there will be "princess bikes" that we will ride. If those are the only rides she expects, it is no wonder she is more excited about the beach.

I made all the kids try on their swim suits to see who needed a bigger size and who would be okay with last year's model. Bill thought it was weird when he came home to four kids wearing swimwear, two of them with multiple suits layered. I am not trying mine on. I will just assume I need a new one even if I have been the same size for two years, which isn't that different from how I have been most of the past nine years.

Sadie somehow loves Baby Bop. She has asked to watch Baby Bop shows almost every day the last month or so. Yesterday, she sighed, "I wish I could go to Baby Bop's schoo. I never went there before. I want to go to her schoo. It has wittow trampoweens." Another sigh as she imagined the joy of going to Baby Bop's pretend school...

Bill does not text me very often. I appreciated the one I got today. "You would laugh so hard if you saw my hair right now." He knows me well. I am very appreciative of funny messy hair. I frequently laugh when I look in the mirror in the morning, especially if I have gone to bed with wet hair. And that's what happened the other day when Sadie commented about my hair.

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  1. Zoe was 39" when we went to Disneyland last year, so disappointing!