Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Burps and Superhero Moms

Sadie: My wegs has pokadots on it. See? (Goosebumps)

Sadie: I burped. It was a smaw one. And it was tasty! (She said this one right after breakfast.)

Later that same day...

Sadie: I burped a wittow. It was a big burp, and it was NOT tasty. (Afternoon snacks must not be as sweet as her breakfasts.)

Sadie: Mama, did you burp?
Me: No.
Sadie: Oh, I didn't burp. See? (She waited for some kind of response, but I didn't really know how to answer that.)

Bill: Mommy's a superhero.
Sadie: I'm not a superhero. See? I don't have a cape on. Where's your cape, Mama?
Avery: Mommy's a superhero who just sits in bed.

I'm not a superhero kind of mom. I do have lots of help from other mothers to even be any kind of mom at all. Thank you to all the moms who help me with my kids. Thanks to the moms who drive my kids to school, to different activities, and back and forth to their houses. Thanks to all the moms who let my kids come into their homes to play and for homework projects. Thanks to all the moms who teach my kids at school and at church. Thanks to all the moms who lead scout groups and who help out with extracurricular activities. Thanks to all the moms who have helped me out with meals or cleaning or watching my kids when I have been unable to take care of it all. Thanks to all the moms who are my friend. Thanks to all the moms who give me books to read. Thanks for all the moms of my kids' friends. I appreciate that their friends are being taught to be good people. Thanks for my own mother and my husband's mother. (I laughed that autocorrect changed that to "husband smother" when I accidentally missed a space between the two words.) Thanks for all the mothers who are a good example to me, those who help me want to be a better mother. Thanks for everything you do to help me be a mother. I have a deep appreciation to all of you and to God for blessing me with all these amazing mothers in my life. 

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