Friday, April 9, 2010


I feel like a bobble-head...who just got off the tea-cup ride...with a strobe light that won't stop....

Don't ever get an inner-ear infection if you can help it.  It is not fun, even though it might sound like it is.  It is boring.  And dizzying.  And I so want to go do something fun, but I can't even walk across the room without injuring myself.  You might think, hey, she's just lying around, maybe she could read.  Actually, no, I can't.  It gives me motion sickness.  I look longingly at my stack of books to be read, which I think is around twelve to fifteen books high, and I sigh.  Sigh. 

But at least Carter made me a giant card.  It said, "Mom, I'm sorry you lost your balance.  I hope you get it back soon."  And on the back, there is a duck that says, "Quack."

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  1. Melissa, your blog made me laugh out loud. I, too, hope you get your balance back soon!!