Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Nothing Song

One day, maybe about a year ago, I asked Avery what song she wanted me to sing, and she replied, "The Nothing Song!"  She, of course, meant that she didn't want me to sing any song to her, but I made up a song that now is called "The Nothing Song."  She was bugged at the time, but now it is pretty much the only song that she wants me to sing to her. (At least it sounds better than "The Flower Song", and at least she doesn't want the flower song lately... I really should be more careful when making songs up on the spot....)  At night, she will ask me to sing it nonstop until she falls asleep.  I wish I were singing a song with more substance, but I have little choice with that girl.  It goes like this:

Nothing, nothing, this is the nothing song.
Nothing, nothing, this song is nothing at all. 

I guess she likes the tune.  There's really nothing to the song itself.  (Pun sort of intended....)


  1. that's hilarious...i love it...perhaps when she is older and she auditions for american idol, she can sing that for the

  2. Oh Melissa, you are a great Mom! I know how it is to deal with anxiety attacks and depression. Lucky for me, it goes up and down that way. After having a baby and during most of my pregnancies, I've dealt with a lot of anxiety, especially when my harmones are out of wack, or I'm depleted. I've also felt when I feel 'normal' and there's a world of difference. I am also mildly bi-polar, so depending on the day or week, I could be miserable just trying to do the basics. We can't compare ourselves to each other, we don't know what all we're dealing with. Our struggles are different. But, I hope you are blessed with what you need to be able to enjoy Motherhood as much as you (with your personal limitations) can! I feel for you, though! Take care, and man, I hope I can come visit sometime. There's a chance that we are going to Dan's little sister's wedding sometime during the summer. If we do, I'll definitely try to come see you and Becky and everyone.
    Take care!