Friday, April 2, 2010

I Have FIVE Followers!

Hurray!  I have five followers now!  What an accomplishment!  And all this time I thought nobody was reading my blog.  How wrong I was. 

Also, Preston talks in his sleep.  I found this out during the many naps he has taken since he got sick.  It is funny.  Avery also does.  The only thing I remember her saying is, "Professor, Professor, Professor."  Where did that come from? 

We decorated Easter Eggs tonight.  I was having lots of anxiety about the kids spilling the dye and breaking eggs.  It turns out I was worrying about the wrong people.  I was the one to break two eggs right in a row.  Bill couldn't stop laughing, (kind of like how Heather couldn't stop laughing at my burnt hair last week.)  I am blaming it on my inner ear infection, mostly because that is the actual reason.  I am so unsteady and dizzy.  I finally had to quit "helping" the kids and let Bill take over. 


  1. And just tonight Avery said, in her sleep, "Oh no! The recycling capture!" I can't even imagine what that meant.

  2. The recycling capture? How interesting..she's very cute.

  3. You are such a talented little story teller. Seriously. You write these stories so well and they make me laugh. Maybe you should write a book. I am so serious. It would be hilarious.