Friday, September 14, 2012

Dance Parties and Dead Cats

Sadie tries to walk while we hold her hands. She takes one giant step with her right foot, and then she puts her left foot even with her right foot. She continues in this pattern.

I heard the following conversation today:

Preston: Ooh! Look at the dead cat!
Avery: Daddy said it's not okay to get excited about a dead cat.
Preston: You're a dead cat.
Avery: I'm not a dead cat.
Preston: You ARE a dead cat.
Avery: I'm alive. You're alive. Don't you get it? We're both alive.
Preston: No. You're not alive. You're a dead cat.
Avery: I'm talking to you. Of course I'm alive.
Preston: No. You're a dead cat.

I went to pick my kids up from a practice for a program at church. As I was leaving the building, I heard the radio turned on in the chapel, and several kids (ages 3-7) were having a secret dance party in the back of the chapel. I got the kids out and figured out how to turn the sound off. I did not, however, figure out how to change the setting back to microphone instead of radio. There might be a big surprise on Sunday....

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  1. So dad said not to get excited about a dead cat. He really covers all the bases in his parenting, eh?