Saturday, September 15, 2012

Slamming Doors

With automatic doors in our van, our kids can't slam the doors when they are mad. But they can sure push those buttons hard, the buttons that close the doors.

That will teach me a lesson....

I have reached a new low. I used to be "the meanest mom in the universe!" Just yesterday I had that title. Today, I am "the meanest mom in the tri-state area!"

So I can't mistake how mean I am....

(And if you're wondering what made me so mean today, I think I said, "Preston, you can't wear your soccer socks today. They don't match your shorts.")

And I'm still laughing at the experience that inspired my post from yesterday. Doesn't anybody else think it's funny that Bill even had the opportunity to tell Preston that he wasn't supposed to be excited to see a dead cat?


  1. Tri state area...I love it!! Phineas for the win!! That is funny about Bill and the dead cat, sorry I missed it. You are too funny! And congrats on being the worst mom, I am too so you are in good company. I mean I make my kids get their own drink for goodness sake!! (Most recent offence)

  2. Meanest mom in the tri state. How specific! Haha, wanting your kid to match, terrible! AH! I always half to type in those "prove your not a robot" things like 5 times!

  3. So funny. The tri-state area made me burst out laughing.