Monday, September 24, 2012

Feathers and Moons

A few "good" ideas my kids have had this week:

Placing a full cup of orange juice in the freezer to "save it for later" after realizing it didn't taste that great after brushing my teeth. (Preston)

Crawling under every table, chair, bed, large toy, or furniture that exists in the house, then cry because I got stuck. Repeating exactly thirty seconds after being removed from the situation. (Sadie)

Dipping fries in syrup. (Carter)

Stealing my mom's fries. (Carter)

Admitting that my mom is actually really nice and funny and that I just tell her she's the meanest mom in the universe when I am mad. (Preston)

From our hike for scouts last week:

Leader: What should you do to protect yourself from the sun?
Carter: You could put dirt or mud all over you.
Leader: Or maybe sunscreen? And a hat?
Carter: I guess.
Leader: What could you do if it started raining?
Carter: You could cover yourself with grass.
Preston: You could put feathers all over yourself. That would work.
Leader: Or you could make a poncho from a garbage bag or something like that.
Another Boy: Where would you get a garbage bag?

My question is: Where would you get feathers to cover your whole body?

A conversation that my three-year-old nephew had with himself while I was watching him yesterday:

Q: What does (names every animal he can think of) say?
A: (Gives all the appropriate animal sounds)
Q: What do eyes say?
A: (Blinks)
Q: What do noses say?
A: (Sniffs loudly)
Q: What does the moon say?
A: Tra-la-la-la-la. I love you, my child.

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  1. Oh that is awesome what the moon says- I love it. Love your kids- what smart innovators they are!! Except for Sadie. (hee hee)