Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well, it looks like nursing has come to an end. I had cut down to just a couple times at night. Last night, both times I tried to nurse, after about five minutes, Sadie pulled off, shook her head, and said, "Bobble." So it's over. She knows what she wants at ten months.

Carter is learning about rocks at school. Last week, after he had returned to school after our Moab trip, Bill asked what his teacher said when he told her about his trip and all the rocks and fossils that he saw. Carter replied that she didn't say anything. "She didn't respond when you talked to her?" I asked. "Well, she responded, but she didn't say 'That's cool' or anything like that," Carter answered.

I spent $500 at Target today. Then I came home and filled one of the bags with all the stuff I am going to return.

Whenever one of my kids says that one of the other kids "hit me as hard as they could!" it just doesn't have the effect on me that they are going for. I am pretty certain that the other kid could hit way harder if they tried.

We have a graveyard by our front door. It's pretty spooky, but nobody ever comes to our house, so my kids are the only ones who get to see it. So now YOU know that we have a cool graveyard. It's Halloween-y.

Avery is scared of school pictures tomorrow.

Preston looked through the toys-r-us magazine that came the other day. He was looking to find things that he wanted for his birthday. He told me a few things. Then he went to bed. I thought he was asleep. But about an hour later, he called out, "So, are you still thinking about what you're going to get me?"

Obviously, he was thinking about it.

My sister brought her dog to my backyard while she went shopping a few days ago. Sadie watched him the whole time. The next day, she kept watching that window saying, "Puh-puh. Oof-oof." Then she did it again today. It's kind of sad.

An update on that European chocolate that my brother brought me: It all had nuts. (He was in a hurry, so he didn't read the labels.) But everyone else liked it.

If I remember what Carter said at dinner, I'll put it on my next post. It's the whole reason I even sat down to write, but it left my mind, and it doesn't seem to want to re-enter my memory. And it was so funny, too. I walked by a mirror a little while ago and saw that my mascara had run from the tears of laughter.

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  1. Sounds like you need to get a dog, so Sadie isn't disappointed! ;-)