Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Because

Have you ever noticed the small print on the commercials for Allstate?

"Not available in all states..."

One of those commercials came on the other day. Preston said, "Oooh, this is going to be funny. They're going to suddenly talk in a low voice."

I turned on Pete's Dragon for a few minutes to show my kids a movie I had seen as a kid. Carter couldn't believe it when Elliott first became visible. "That's so weird! It's just a drawn dragon. That's funny. I can't even watch this! I'm used to computer generated things, but that dragon is just drawn! It doesn't even look real! How can they stand to make such a bad dragon? Why did they think that would even look good? It's just drawn!" (Of course, he didn't want to stop watching it when it was time for bed.)

Me: You can't pull on my arm that hard.
Avery: Why not?
Me: Sometimes that shoulder comes out of place. (I then explained how shoulders work and showed her using my hand and my fist how it can sometimes slip out.)
Avery: Ohhh, that would be bad.
Me: Yes. It hurts a lot when that happens, and it would be hard to take care of Sadie.
Avery: And it would be hard to kiss Daddy. Because if you kiss him for a long time, you have to hold on tight. And you couldn't do that if your shoulder comes out.

Well, she's right, I guess.

I tried to take a little nap before I picked up the kids from school today. Carter stayed home because he wasn't feeling very well, and he was watching a movie on the ipad in my room. I woke up a couple of minutes into the nap because he was hysterical. I thought he had gotten hurt. It turned out that he was laughing so hard that he was crying. Because the guy in the movie was tooting pixie dust. Nine year old boy....

Sadie laughed and waved at her reflection today. Because she was wearing a Hello Kitty hat. Thank you, Target.

My parents went to Europe to visit my brother. They went to a little church that we had visited five or six months ago when we went out there. We had been looking for some of our ancestors' names in the cemeteries and churches in a few tiny villages in France. We had entered one of the churches, hoping to find some new information, when I accidentally broke a vase. We tried to clean it up the best that we could, but there was no trash bin, so we gathered the pieces into the corner where people would be less likely to hurt themselves on the glass. It turns out that we got the glass out of the way enough that months later, when they returned to the church, it was still there in the corner...

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