Monday, February 11, 2013

Pants on Facebook

Preston: Why do so many people keep putting pictures of pants on Facebook? There are just sooo many pants everywhere!

It was a contest, and people had to share the link to enter. I think at least ten of my friends had entered.

Preston: Mom, if we went to Spain, and we were all by ourselves at our hotel, and there wasn't anyone else around us, would it be okay to talk in English? Or would we still have to talk Spanish?

No. No podemos hablar en ingles en Espana.

Bill saved Sadie yesterday. She was choking on a nickel. It freaked me out. I am still a little freaked out.


  1. Oh nickle! Scary!! Did you tell him that you were allowed to whisper in German though? I always read your blog when I need to smile :)

  2. Kids choking is the thing I am most paranoid about! It was like the one thing that scared me whenever I would babysit- my "worst case scenario" I suppose!