Sunday, February 24, 2013

Basketball and Drugs

Carter played his last basketball game tonight. I had not been able to go to any of the games this season, so I was excited to finally see how he has progressed. He keeps talking about how much he loves basketball and how he wants to go to basketball camp this summer. (Probably at Utah State this year, if there is anyone else who wants to go with him...) So, I was really surprised when he started playing. He looked like he had no idea what he was doing. Bill said he usually played much better. About three quarters of the way into the game, he came over to talk to us. "I think I must still be kind of sick. I feel so tired and confused. I don't even know what I am doing, and I can barely run." Poor guy. And he was so excited for me to finally see him play. (He did get a couple of good rebounds at least.)

We went to do a little grocery shopping after Carter's basketball game. I stopped to pick up a prescription while we were there. While I was talking to the pharmacist, I asked if he knew how much the medicine I am going to start soon would cost. He looked it up, and then he said, "I don't even want to tell you the answer. It is soooo much." He did tell me. It is about forty-five hundred dollars... For a twenty-eight day supply....

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  1. Oh that is really cute about his nervous basketball skills. Not so cute about the cost of your medicine. For reals?? Man! That is insane. I wish I was a rich celebrity and could help you and not just married to Elijah Wood in my head ;)