Friday, February 22, 2013

Carter Home Sick Is Super Bored

I was looking through a bag of shoes my sister gave me for Sadie. I commented, "These shoes will fit Sadie perfectly, but these other shoes won't fit her for several months." Carter asked, "Well, what if her feet got cut off? How would they fit then?"

Genius IQ does not translate to common sense. At all.

"Mom, that scar on your chin makes you look like Frankenstein, or maybe a zombie."

Thanks, Carter.

"Carter, can you watch Sadie so I can take a shower?" He answered, "Sure. As long as you watch her later so I can take a shower."

Speaking of showers, last night when it was time for Preston to take a shower, he didn't want to do it. His excuse, "Daddy said I couldn't take a shower two days in a row."

Daddy did not say that.

"Mom, I'm sad that you won't get to live as long as a normal person. What if you don't even get to be a great-grandma?" Carter said. "Well, what if I don't even live to see my grand kids?" "That would be sad. I would tell them that you were nice."

I think he was trying to make up for saying I looked like a monster.

And Sadie keeps bringing me dolls and puppies to rock. Then she takes a turn, "Wock baby, tee tah."

It gives me hope that one of my girls will be able to sing on key. At least both boys can sing.


  1. He sounds like a fun person to live with.

  2. Ha ha- that is so true about genius and common sense- My brother-in-law is the perfect example. And glad you are nice and not a monster.