Friday, February 8, 2013

One Hundred Days of Magic

To celebrate 100 days of school, Avery had a form to fill out.

I would like to eat 100: grapefruit
I would not like to eat 100: mints
I wish I had 100: toys
I am glad that I do not have 100: Santa candy bags
If I had 100 dollars, I would buy: (blank, but she said maybe 50 whimsy pets, not that interested in buying only one whimsy pet and putting the rest of it in a savings account)
In 100 years, I will be: dead

Carter has a notebook with the title, "A Handbook for Wizards, Pirates, Ninjas, and Super Heros and other stuff" in big bold letters. Here is an excerpt for anyone interested in such a handbook.

"Look at the picture to see magic. Magic is what made wizards possible. It makes spells possible also. It makes magic items possible, too. If you want to be a wizard, you have got to have magic. Magic is stored in the heart and the soul. The wand is simply just an exit for the magic."

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  1. Man, what a smart kid! That was beautiful. Forward it to JK Rowling. She would be proud too. Silly 100 things too- loved it.