Friday, June 28, 2013

Beef Jerky

Carter: Can we sell our wii and get a wii U?
Me: Nobody would buy it.
Preston: (very indignantly) Who? Who wouldn't buy it?
Me: Um...

Things Sadie did today all within just a few minutes:

Dumped over two cups of water, one of them onto herself.
Stole marshmallows.
Stole rice and tried to bite through the package.
Ate Carter's cereal, tried to dump it over.
Asked for "dirdee, a piece of bee dirdee?"  And handed me the bag she stole from the pantry. (Beef jerky)
Dumped my purse out.
Dumped her cereal out onto the floor.
Tried to dump a box of cereal out, but I sent an older kid to the rescue just in time.
Bit the outside of a grapefruit.
Dumped a bin of clothes out and tried to put everything into her dresser even though they were the wrong size clothes.
Threw plates into the air over and over.
Threw a cup into the air over and over.
Put pasta on the carpet, pasta with bright red sauce.
Threw a fit about marshmallows.
Unloaded the dishwasher, the dirty dishwasher.

Thank goodness she still takes naps. I need a break from all her business. 

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