Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers' Day was Today?

Sadie got to go to Nursery at church today. She loved it when my friend started blowing bubbles. One landed on her mouth, and she told me, "Bubble kiss ma mouf!" Then she kept saying, "Bubble kiss mouf," over and over and touching her lips. 

I had some black beans on my plate after dinner. I was so confused when Avery came and sat by me eating a handful of black beans. Then I realized they were chocolate covered raisins. She couldn't stop laughing about my confusion.

It's a sad day when your eight-year-old grows out of the size 2T/3T belt. That day was today. It's been a few months since we took the underwear that size out of his drawer. It still fit him then. He was wearing some shorts last week that seemed way too short but fit him just fine around the waist. I looked, and they were 4T. And he has the biggest head in the family. Cute little bobble head dude.

My six-year-old is the opposite. She had a shirt on today that kept showing her belly. It is size 10. They are less than an inch apart in height. Preston is very offended when anyone suggests that they might look like they could be twins.

I took all the kids to church by myself while Bill waited a couple of hours to be seen for his terrible sinus infection. I think my kids are the worst behaved kids there. And poor Bill. He didn't get the best Fathers' Day today. The thing I ordered him isn't even here yet, and he cooked his own dinner.

Bill is a softie when it comes to Sadie. Somehow the kids talked him into getting a giant stuffed dog because she liked it so much. And he gives her a bottle at bedtime because she likes it better than a sippy cup. And it's cute because she still cuddles with things while she drinks bottles. This bottle that she is drinking right now is taking her forever, and she has cuddled with a belt, clean laundry, a hard musical instrument, and a Kleenex. 


  1. Isaac puts Noah's clothes on all the time and I have to be like, "Dude, those are WAAAAYYY too short." Skinny skinny. I think girls clothes are sized wrong, Zoe's been wearing a size 4 for a year.

  2. Don't be surprised if Sadies gets Kleenex for her next birthday from us...she'll be happy she has multiple things to snuggle and when she wants to blow her nose? It will be right there.

  3. Sounds like my boys- my almost 10 year old still wears a few size 8 pants. and I haven't even thought to look at his underwear- I'm sure it is a few sizes back, but they fit! Sweet Sadie. I felt like I gave Brandon a bad fathers day too- he cooked his own dinner too and stayed home with sick Josh. At least I didn't let him stay home with all of them like they wanted. My kids are pretty terrible in church too. It must be our name ;)