Saturday, June 8, 2013

Carter at Eight and Ten

Me: Carter, have you brushed your teeth yet?
Carter: No, but I've almost done it.

Carter: Daddy said I got a zit.
Me: Yep.
Carter: It really hurts. It must be really hard for you having so many all over your face lots of the time.

I was just looking over a report from some testing Carter had in second grade. Here is an excerpt that made me laugh. "Carter reported that he sometimes thinks about other things than what is being taught in class. When asked to describe this, Carter replied, "Sometimes I'm bored, and I have to figure out what to draw, like make a plan to figure out what to draw." This is consistent with parent and teacher reports that Carter sometimes draws on his schoolwork rather than completing it."

Another funny excerpt. "Carter told the examiner that she should consider getting a piece of paper with a red circle on it, so that people taking tests can just touch the red circle when they do not have an answer for the item. Carter reported that this would be nice for test-takers to have, as he "feels weird" telling the examiner "I don't know" for an item. This insightful comment shows emotional maturity and awareness that is impressive for an 8 year old." 

I guess it was mature that he was feeling bad that I must be in pain from my acne, but I never want to be reminded of it. Then I start thinking that is all people see when they look at me. Hey, I have lots of wrinkles, too! Comment on that instead. I have worked hard for those. And my six or seven gray hairs. And the tummy that hangs just a bit over my tighter pants. It is hard work eating all those pastries and chocolates. Recognize me for all that work instead of a gift I never worked for or asked for! 

I have to go to bed, and I have already almost brushed my teeth. 

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  1. Melissa, you're the best! I miss being your neighbor. :)