Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ruined Castles

Me: Sadie, you can't take candy without asking.
Sadie: I just got a wittow chotowate for me. Tan you open that tandy tame for me?

Bill made chicken masala the other night. About every other bite, Sadie would say, "This is good! I wike this dinner." It's one of my favorites, too. I'm glad she likes spicy food. She fits in with the rest of the family.

I played Legos with Sadie last night. She kept telling me, "You ruined my tower!" or "You ruined my tuptate!" This morning, she has been playing by herself for the last half hour, and she is still blaming me. "You ruined my tastow, Mommy! You ruined it!" 

Preston said, "I'm probably the sickest person in the whole world!" I assured him that there are people sicker than he is. "Well, I'm at least probably the sickest person in this whole neighborhood." He's getting better, so I would guess we have a neighbor sicker than he is.

I just read about PBA, which is a condition that causes people to laugh or cry out of proportion to the situation and frequently, at inappropriate times. Many people with MS have PBA. I think I must have had this since I was a teenager. I have only seen this with laughter in myself so far, not the crying. So, when I laugh at your joke really hard, when it wasn't that funny, you know why. Also, when I laugh when someone sings a wrong note, blame MS instead of just thinking I am insensitive. Maybe my brother has PBA. You know what I'm talking about if you've seen him perform and laugh... 

A situation from last night that shows how I am inappropriate in my laughter: 

Carter: (praying last night) We thank thee that I could get my Webelos and Arrow of Light and...a bunch of other activity stuff...
Me: (kind of snorting in my attempt to not laugh out loud)
Carter: and please help me to stop laughing....
Me: (laughing harder, peek at Bill, who is not laughing, feel stupid but can't stop laughing)
Carter: and please help us to be more reverent during prayer...
Me: (still inappropriate in my laughter)
At the end, Bill looked at me like I was an idiot and a bad example to our kids. I also think it's funny when Sadie prays multiple times for "peopo" at every prayer.  And that she is loudly saying her own prayers when it's not her turn, trying to say it louder than the other person praying.

It's not as bad as a guy in the article who said he couldn't stop laughing during a funeral. Although, it sounds like something I would do and feel bad about for a long time.

I told my kids they couldn't do something, and they asked why not. I said, "Do you really have to ask why? Who's the meanest mom in the universe?" Carter said, "I have no idea," and Avery said, "I don't know." I must be slipping these days if they have forgotten. I'll have to try a little harder to earn my title back.

I had a little bit of energy, so I danced with Sadie for a few minutes. Preston told me that my bum is wobbly and that "nobody wants to see that." I'm pretty sure that he's told me I have a wobbly bum before. I guess I need a lot more dance parties to remedy the situation.


  1. Wow, I wish I lived next door! I think I have PBA too. When Graydon was little, Michelle Bowden had to take him for stitches because I was inappropriately hysterical in the waiting room. Does this mean I should be checked for MS? I need the boys to come watch me when I dance. I bet my thighs, hips, AND bum jiggles. I just want to know how low to buy my t-shirts. Maybe I should just wear Randy's. Dang. We have watched 101 Dalmations and the Aristocat's (named "The Kitty Movie" because they are Bella's favorites. When she gets cranky she wants either a kitty or a puppy. I'm thinking about buying Bambi, just for a change. I think "Everybody Wants to Be A Cat" Should be "Everybody Wants Bella to Have A Nap!" OK...back to Dr. Rasmussen. Thank you dearie, for the reprieve.

  2. Aw, tweetie...some day your kids are going to groan in agony when you publish these posts as a family history for their kids to read! Love you Melissa. You are an amazing woman.