Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maple Sweeties

Sadie: Dinner's ready! Here's your spot, sweetie. (She pointed to the chair next to her for Avery to sit in.)
Me: Where's your sweetie, Sadie?
Sadie: Right there. It's Avie.
Me: Where's my sweetie?
Sadie: Right here. Sadie's my sweetie.
Me: What about Daddy? Does he have a sweetie?
Sadie: It's Sadie. (She was very sure of herself.)
Me: Do you have any other sweeties?
Sadie: Uh huh! My sweetie is Santa Twause. He gave me a present.

Avery came crying to me. "I told Preston to not shake his bum at me, and he just did it MORE!" She looked intently at me, with tears in her eyes, waiting to find out what horrible punishment I would give him. What do you say to that? Other than, "I'm sorry he doesn't have very good manners," which is apparently not good enough for a seven year old girl whose life has been completely upset by a too-skinny-to-be-wobbly wagging booty...

Me: Sadie, I love you.
Sadie: Oh. I tooted.

Bill: These cookies might not taste very good?
Me: Why not?
Bill: Because I accidentally put in maple extract instead of vanilla...

I put Sadie into her crib for a nap. I knew she was tired, so I kept ignoring the yells. "I wanna stiw pway with those batteries! You stow my batteries! Give them back! Wet me out of here! Wet me out of my trib! I want those batteries back!" I finally let Avery get her out after a long time of yelling. Then I realized I had taken HER away from the pile of batteries and the wii remote, but I hadn't actually put them away and out of reach of my naughty two year old. She was happily playing with them when I found her. Not so happy when I took them away.

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