Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nobody Wants Mommy

Preston came in my room this morning. "Why am I the only one awake?" I looked at the clock. It was 7:47. Their ride comes at 8:00. Somehow, all three of the kids were ready in time, minus brushing their teeth. 

I found Sadie lying on top of a pillow last night, with another pillow on her belly. "What are you doing, Sadie?" She replied, "I'm being a sandwich." She calmly stayed like that for a long time.

Sadie was noisy and naughty at church. She finally calmed down once someone gave her a book to look at. She kept going back to exchange her book for a new one. At the end, when it was time for prayer, the kind person told her to go back to her mom. The whole time during the prayer, Sadie kept yelling, "I don't want to go back to my mommy! I don't want my mommy!"

I'm so glad that I got my boys new pants that were nicer and more expensive than their previous school pants. Especially because Preston accidentally wrote on them today, the first day he wore them. With a marker. 

Sadie spends hours every day hiding under blankets. She still seems surprised when we find her, and she started her hiding career months ago. She also thinks it's fun when I hide with her, even when nobody else is home. "Wet's hide, Mommy." Or "Where's Sadie? Where did Sadie go?" Or "I'm gonna find your toes, Mommy! Your toes are hiding. Peekaboo, toes." Or "Daddy tan't find us! We're hiding!" She says these things with a joyous gleam in her eyes. 

Preston got an amazon gift card for his birthday a few months ago. He has spent hours trying to find the perfect Minnie Mouse toy for his little cousin, but he never made a decision. I was proud of him for thinking of someone else. Now, he wants to spend all of it on Pokemon cards. 

We had Mexican food for dinner. Bill and I looked over at Sadie to see that she was happily dipping a pacifier into her salsa and sucking on the pacifier. She ate the whole bowl of salsa this way. We don't know where the pacifier came from. Also, our salsa is not mild.

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  1. Love it, your stories always make me smile!