Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get Thee Behind Me

Right after I posted about how my kids never act like book and movie kids, they changed it up a little. The boys decided to make breakfast for everyone, which included my sister and her three kids. Preston made omelets, I think. Carter made Mickey Mouse pancakes. He looked up a recipe online, used citric acid to make the buttermilk, apparently using WAY more than he needed, according to Preston, who said they were a little sour. He even used chocolate chips for the faces. It must have taken them almost two hours to do everything. The dirty dishes I found included: six mixing bowls, three glass measuring cups, three metal measuring cups, every single measuring spoon we own, two pans, three spatulas, three whisks, and two large spoons. We had no syrup because Carter accidentally broke the syrup jar, so the kids used ridiculous amounts of powdered sugar and cinnamon and sugar to cover up the sour taste. My sister was too chicken to try food cooked by my kids, but all the kids seemed to like it. 

I know it is more than six months away, but I already have anxiety about having church at nine in the morning again. I can barely make it to church at eleven usually, and we somehow slept in and missed it completely last week. We did get back from California at midnight, and we unloaded the car and got kids to bed and didn't make it to bed ourselves until two or three. And here I am writing Saturday night after midnight. Sounds like a good omen for tomorrow's morning, right? (Can I get an "Amen!"? You know, because I'm talking about church...)

At California Adventure, there is this obstacle course and playground area. One part has a spot where you put your hand on a screen to get your "spirit animal." We all laughed at Carter's animal. We said that a skunk was fitting for him lately. When we told my sister about it a few days ago, the kids were all laughing and saying how it fit him because he toots. He said, "I don't do that anymore. That's all behind me now." Everyone laughed because they knew it wasn't true, but nobody laughed about the play on words except for me. Unintentional plays on words are funnier to me than when they are intentional. 

We went on a short date earlier tonight. Before we left, Sadie said, "I don't want you to go because I wih miss you too much! I ahways miss you when you're gone." After we got back, I asked her if she missed us or if she had been okay. She answered, "I was having too much fun to miss you."

I frequently look at real estate, including places that I am pretty sure we would never live. The other day, I was looking at houses in Hawaii with Carter. We looked first at reasonably (for Hawaii) priced homes. After a little while, we started looking at the ridiculously priced homes that are more extravagant than even my dreams. Carter sighed and said, "Ahhh. I really want to be rich someday." I think it was his first realization of what extremely wealthy people live like. Then we had a talk about how there are better ways to use money for good. He seemed to have a good understanding that it would be better to live in a more modest home and give to those less fortunate, even if we ever had money like that. Then, "Okay Mom, let's look at the $30 million dollar house now. It looks awesome!"

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