Monday, June 23, 2014

Random Mostly About Sadie Because She Is Two

Sadie: Oh no! Candace ate Phimeas and Ferb, and she didn't even say sorry! That's not very nice!

Sadie had a hard time going to her little nursery class on Sunday. I asked her why she was so scared because she usually loves going and has no fear. She answered, "I didn't wike my teacher today. She was creepy. Her hands were awe creepy."

Sadie: I don't want you to turn into a bad guy! Stop waughing wike a bad guy! I don't want you to turn into a bad guy!

Not a story about my kids, but something that made me laugh when it popped into my head: When I was about seven, I learned what "loathe" means. My sister still sort of laughs about how I dramatically told her frequently that I loathed her. (I actually like her and think she is awesome.)

Sadie: I wike my Presty-boy. I miss him. He's my Presty-boy.

A typical Sadie conversation lately goes something like this, "What's your name, Mommy? Are you my mom? And do you wike me? And am I Sadie? What's your name? Are you my parent? I'm a parent. Are you? Are you happy? Oh, you are happy? And do you wike me? What's your name, Mommy?" She will have some version of this conversation many times a day and with everyone she talks to. When I say "conversation," I am talking about a pretty much one-sided monologue that is several minutes long and adorable with her giant brown eyes staring at me.

Speaking of those giant brown eyes, she started crying yesterday because she wanted blue eyes like mine. Then she was sad because she really wanted them to be pink. I love my brown-eyes kids. Preston's are root beer brown, and Sadie's are chocolate brown. Two of my favorite treats. And Bill's are kind of like mud.

I am trying to get caught up on laundry today. I gave Carter some of his laundry to put away, and he responded in a way that I never thought I would hear. "Awesome! Thanks for doing my laundry!" He also repeated the sentiment an hour or so later when I gave him another pile of things to put away. I don't know who replaced my kid, but I like it! He also said, when I first came out of my room this morning, "Do you want to just go back to bed? I can watch Sadie for you today so you can rest. I know the medicine makes you feel really sick and tired. I can just babysit for you the whole day." He has done a good job of helping. I think he is bored with Preston and Avery gone. And maybe Bill had a talk with him about helping out more and being better behaved? 

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  1. Haha, I like the part about pink eyes. My kids were blown away when they learned people can have different colored eyes, since we all have blue. Thanks for the story about Carter and laundry, that gives me hope.