Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fancy Pants

The kids are making popsicles on the back porch. They put them outside, and five minutes later, Carter said, "I want to see if they are frozen yet." Bill said that they would not be done yet. "How do you know?" Carter asked. "Because I have taken whole courses on thermodynamics....."

Good point. Some things do take a rocket scientist, you know.

Bill got in bed and put his lumpy head on his pillow. Well, my pillow. A few seconds later, I asked if he wanted to pray with me before he fell asleep. Too late. I guess I am using a different pillow.

I am jealous of his talent for falling asleep. And his head isn't really lumpy. I am just mad at it for stealing my pillow.

I have nice friends. Too many to list who keep helping me out.

I kind of want to play basketball with the women at church, even though I can't really feel my hands and might not be able to run. It's probably a bad idea, but I might do it anyway. I pretty much always do stupid things, although usually, I don't know they are stupid until after I have done them.

I ordered some pants online. They came today. They are not what they looked like online. They are shimmery pale sea foam green skinny pants. I don't think I can pull them off. But Carter said I looked good in them. When I disagreed, he said, "Maybe I should take a picture of you wearing those pants and post it on Facebook so everyone can see how good you look in them." I did not let him do it. And now I am worried that he is going to post unflattering pictures of me for everyone to see.

Stupid smart kids who know how to use technology way better than I do.

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