Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weird Thoughts

If you see Sadie, you better make sure you don't have any belly button lint. Because she will find it. She is obsessed with "beyee buppuns", and she keeps lifting everyone's shirts trying to see if they have one, too.

My friend came and got Sadie and me yesterday. It was a nice change to hang out on her couch instead of my own. Her son came home, looking freaked out and said, "I am sick. I threw up on the bus." He then got quarantined to his room. A few minutes later, my friend got a phone call about the incident. Apparently, someone had thrown fake snot all over him, and he was so grossed out that he puked! He was so glad to come out of the quarantine to play with my kids! His mom asked him why he didn't tell her about the fake snot, and he said he didn't know it would matter. He thought if he threw up, for any reason at all, he was sick.

While I was at my friend's house, her three-year-old girly-girl came up and kissed me right on the lips. Maybe she was pretending I was Seeping Beauty?

I am trying some makeup that foams. It says to use a walnut size amount, but that is way too much. I would understand that if I had a little head, but I have a decent sized melon, as well as having at least an extra inch of skin to cover on my massive forehead.

Things that would be explained with a diagnosis of MS:

Three month vertigo a few years ago
Lack of energy the last few years (If you knew me before that, you would agree that I used to be a high energy kind of person.)
General fatigue
Occasional burning sensation on my arms like I am just about to get shingles again
Current numbness all over my body

Things that cannot be explained with a diagnosis of MS:

The constant craving for chocolate and cinnamon rolls
Feeling a compulsion to plan vacations for myself and others
The desire to swim through a vault of money like Uncle Scrooge
The spasms that come on when ABBA music plays. Maybe it is dancing?
The compulsion to read Regency romances (not the dirty ones) and fantasy and princess fairy tales lately, sometimes poorly written Mormon romance lit as well
The constant desire to shop online for cute clothes, even though lately, all I wear are yoga pants
Uncontrollable laughter, especially while I am watching Modern Family

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  1. Melissa, please ask your doctor about getting a Western Blot test to rule out Lyme Disease. The symptoms are very much like MS but it can be cured with antibiotics, even if you were bit years ago.