Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grounding and Origami

Things I have had to ground my boys from this week:

Cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on anything

It's a first, but it was bound to happen.

Carter came up this morning with ziploc bags full of origami Star Wars finger puppets. "What are you doing with those?" I asked. Carter responded, "I made this sign-up sheet with the number of slots corresponding to the number of each Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader (called Darth Paper in the origami book), and Han Solo. I also made a few blank ones so people can make their own. I am going to be in the library at lunch time so people can come sign up and get some." What do you tell a kid who has worked hard on this idea, an idea you are sure will humiliate him when nobody wants his mass produced Star Wars origami finger puppets? Do you say that he can't do it? Do you let him embarrass himself? I mean, this is the kid who has stayed in from recess to draw robots on more than one occasion. The kid who invites people over to play his made up cardboard carnival games. The kid who dances like Napoleon Dynamite.

What did I do? I said, "It looks like you made a lot of those. Have a great day at school."

Well, he returned home and started making more right away, before he even had a snack. I asked him how it went. He said, "Well, I only let people sign up for two characters, so I ran out, and everybody asked me for more, so I said I would bring some more tomorrow."

One of those times that I am glad I didn't crush his spirit and tell him it was a bad idea.

Preston came running up to me, crying, "Carter said he wasn't grounded from cinnamon and sugar! If HE gets cinnamon and sugar, then I get juice!"

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  1. Wow, glad it went well and glad you didn't step in now. Josh loved those books!! He read all three in two weeks!! He wasn't as excited about making them, just making me make them. He would totally have signed up!! He will even trade him juice.