Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning

One of those things I never expect to hear my husband say:

Why are there dominos in the baby's pajamas?

It was the ten-year-old, by the way.

One of those things I never want to hear my kid say:

Mom, do you wish you didn't have all those dots on your face?

Ten-year-old.... again.

One of those things I hope I hear today:

I have surprise chocolate and cinnamon rolls for you. And I will watch your kids for you. Oh, and let me take you to the massage appointment I made for you so you are all gone while the maid I hired for you comes in to clean up your house. And when it's all done, there is take-out from that really good Italian restaurant.....

Okay. Fine. If I just heard that I was not the meanest mom in the universe, that would be great.

Also, my kid got his shoe stuck in the six foot tall snow bank this morning and had to come in and change his socks and shoes.

Not the ten-year-old this time, but only because he had boots on...

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