Sunday, September 15, 2013

Drooling and Washing My Hair

My husband is awesome. He made fresh salsa, carnitas, and raspberry jam today. The produce was from our garden. The pork came from Costco. He made guacamole, too. The avocados were not from our tree. It is not even a foot tall yet.

Sadie loves guacamole. So does Avery. I am envious that they get to eat it. I almost drooled looking at it.

People are nice to me at church. Not one person commented on my perpetual drool because of my numb mouth. Who knew that drooling would be a bonus side effect of MS? At least I could walk today...

My kids all cried or yelled most of dinner. Then they went downstairs and dressed up like characters from Super Mario Brothers, the cartoon, and acted it out. I missed out on the acting, but at least I got to see the fighting right before, so that was another bonus for today.

Preston is supposed to bring a small artifact to school to highlight his interests or talents. He wants to bring either his giant stuffed puppy or Sadie. 

Sadie waved to the cute baby behind us at church for almost ten minutes. I don't think the baby ever saw her.

And a slightly embarrassing conversation that I had:

Me: Hi, Miranda. I was wondering if you could help me out this evening. I have to wash my hair, but I can't get my PICC line or the bandage wet, so I was wondering if you could possibly help me wash my hair. Bill is just not very good at washing long hair.
Miranda's Eleven Year Old Son: You do know this is Tanner, right?
Me: Ummm, can I talk to your mom?

Later, I got a text, "Tanner is ready to wash your hair now."

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  1. Man. MS sucks. I know you know that but seriously. Can Bill send some of that guac my way?