Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scary Bubbles

Sometimes, when I come home really late at night, I look out at the dark field next to our house and feel a little bit of fear, thinking of what kinds of wild animals could be out there. I am usually imagining a cougar or something similar. I usually try to hurry inside quickly before I freak myself out too much. I just never thought that the thing I should actually fear would be a bird trying to attack me as I try (unsuccessfully) with my fumbling numb hands to put that stupid key in the lock so I can get inside. I might have a new phobia now. That bird diving at me over and over really freaked me out.

Sadie had her first bubble bath tonight. She kept saying, "Bubbles everywhere!" Then, "The bubbles skeered me," as she pretended to be scared.

Preston made some Harry Potter trading cards this afternoon. He took it very seriously, trying to look up online each character's favorite defensive spell to include on the cards. He was very disappointed that he couldn't find that information online. He also expected me to remember all the spells from the books and how to spell them and exactly what they did. 

Me: Sadie, do you know who loves you?
Sadie: Mommy does. And Hedder.
Me: Who else loves you?
Sadie: Carter does. And Avery. And Preston. And Daddy does. And Wizzie. Everyone wuvs Sadie. A hug, Mommy? Mmmmm. 

Sadie brought me "The Monster at the End of The Book" to read to her today, that book with Grover from Sesame Street. I read about two pages before she said, "No, I don't wike it. The monster skeered me. Don't read it, Mommy." Then she threw it on the floor and asked for a hug.

When I sing to Sadie, sometimes she sings a word or two along with me. So, it really surprised me today to hear her sing six or seven songs pretty much from beginning to end and on key enough that I could clearly tell what songs she was singing. As she finished up singing, "Five Little Ducks," she said, "The mama duck skeered me. She said quack quack quack." Then she pretended to be scared again. How does she even understand to be scared? She's only twenty-one months old!

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  1. Sounds like everything scares Sadie!

    I know Harry's was expelliarmus but that's it. I'll keep thinking.