Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random Afternoon Thoughts

I was so happy about the weight I had started losing after my surgery over a month ago. Then I started on this medication, and I have gained almost all of it back. In my face and neck. I have been informed that it's normal and temporary, but I kind of look freaky, if I do say so myself.

Sadie goes around all day lately saying, "I don't like it" or "I don't want it" as she waves us off. It would be cute, but it's about EVERYTHING! At least she has a personality and opinions...

I was so excited about the kindle book I just bought. It was by an author that was actually really good, and it was only a dollar. A little less excited when I finished it less than half an hour later. If I would have paid attention, I would have seen that it was just a short novella. Now I need another book for the afternoon. I have stacks of books sitting on my shelf right in front of me, just waiting to be read, but it is too hard to turn actual pages when I can't feel my fingers. So, I've been reading on the ipad or kindle instead. I guess all the money I am saving on gas and shopping while I am out of commission makes up for all the money I am spending on books. Right?

Preston came into our room around two in the morning. I asked what he needed, and he said, "I just can't sleep." So, Bill put him back in his bed. I don't know what an almost nine year old kid expects his parents to do to help him. I think I would have gotten in trouble for waking my parents up like that when I was that old. He does this about every other week. 

Avery brought Sadie up to me yesterday. They had been playing downstairs, and a bug had crawled past them. For almost half an hour, Sadie kept saying, "Da bug skeered me. It was a skeery bug." Then she would shiver. How does a one-year-old know to be scared of bugs like that?

Every once in a while, when Sadie is playing with toys, she will stop, look at me, and say, "Ivy's a baby. Ivy's cute." Ivy is her little baby cousin. She probably says this to me about five to ten times a day, for no apparent reason.

Ivy does happen to be about the cutest baby I have ever seen. No exaggeration needed. 

My sister is awesome. She came over last Saturday and helped us around the house and garden for hours. Then, she watched Sadie all day Tuesday. Sadie talked all evening after she came home about "Wizzie and Ty-wer and Aunt Wara." 


  1. A good series of books is the Riyria Revelations by Michael J Sullivan. He also has just started the Riyria Chronicles which are before the Revelations but meant to be read after. I love hearing about all the funny things your kids say!

  2. I just read a book called A Cast of Stones (the staff and the sword Book 1) by Patrick W. Carr. I got it off of amazon kindle for ipad for FREE. It's still free now. Loved it so much I went ahead and bought the second book $7. What kinds of books do you like?

  3. Isaac is nine and he comes out all the time with the "I can't sleep" thing. Well walking out to tell us isn't going to help, kid!