Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stupid Stuff, Lost Shoes, and Prancersizing

Maybe about six months ago, I bought a whole bunch of cute shoes for Sadie and a few for Avery. I was so excited for these little red Mary Jane's, but they disappeared with the boxes. We thought Bill threw them away. Now that they are way too little for her, we found them. In a coat I NEVER wear, in the pockets. I promise I didn't put them there. And now, anytime we find something in a weird place, Bill reminds me that it's never as weird as remotes in the shop vac hose.

Sadie has weird hair these days.

Carter's cello now has all four strings. We'll see how long before another one breaks. 

Stacy's Pita Crisps are way better than pita chips. They are thinner, more like tortilla chips, but without the corn that I can't have. And because of those crisps, I ate almost a whole jar of salsa in the last two days. It was homemade, so it's kind of healthy.

Bacon Alfredo sauce is not very good. Don't buy it. It is not at all healthy. And it leaves a gross aftertaste.

I need to find something to do to help others. Lots of people have been helping me the last few weeks, or at least offering to help me even if it didn't work out, and I really needed it. I was just thinking about how much better I feel when I am helping someone else. So who needs my help? I am not good with my hands, so pick something else for me to do... I'll share your cinnamon roll if it is too big for you to eat. I'm good at that.

Bill is helping to coach a team of ten kids for a lego robotics challenge. The organization sent tickets for the kids to get into the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City to see the exhibit on natural disasters, which is the theme for this year. We are going tomorrow, and the kids are really excited. I hope four adults can keep up with the eleven kids we will have there. One of them will be Sadie. She is not on the team, unless you count her as the natural disaster. 

I really need to start working out. Maybe I will prancersize. It would look cool if I did it with my ankle weights. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can look it up on youtube. I saw the video months ago, but I still feel amazement when I think of how awesome her workout looks. 

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  1. Melissa, you are so clever and awesome! I miss my totally wonderful neighbor!!! We should meet up and do a temple session or something like that together. Maybe we would invite the husbands. ;)