Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bath Time and Onions

I hate time changes. They still confuse me every time. I only feel like I know what happens AFTER it has already happened, but in the time leading up to it, I have no idea what will happen. Every time. Bill tries to explain it to me so I will understand. Other people always tell me all the weird sayings that are supposed to help me know. Nothing makes sense. Because of my inability to grasp this abstract concept, I kind of think every person who has ever told me I am smart is a liar. Maybe they think it is one of those lies of mercy. It's not. It would have been better for me to know earlier in life, when I had no expectations of my own intelligence, rather than to find out when I am this old that I am not smart enough to know what is about to happen as I anticipate a time change. Now, I feel my own stupidity so much more because I didn't already know I was stupid. Also, time changes are stupid anyway.

Sadie just gave her doll a bath. In the toilet. The day before that, she was putting a little candy wrapper in a cup of water she found, saying, "It's a fwimming pool, Mama. It's fwimming."

Bill: If you can't say something nice...
Preston: Then say something mean!

Our dinner was exceptionally good. Bill could open a restaurant and bakery if he wasn't busy being a good husband, dad, and rocket scientist. Preston asked what was in the chicken pot pies. After Bill told him, he started shuddering and convulsing. "Daddy, if you ever put onions in something, NEVER tell me!" There were more shudders and convulsions as he freaked out about the fact that he had eaten onions without knowing it.

Bill just gave Sadie a bath in our big bathtub. She had a great time. She handed the mesh duck to Bill and said, "Make the duck pee, Daddy." She wanted him to squeeze the duck and make water come pour out. Then she laughed. "Duck has a bummy." My kid is super mature. She already has the sense of humor of a six year old boy.

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  1. I love your posts! Your kids are so much fun and it's great that you can get their little funny moments down! I'm so bad at that! ;)