Friday, November 1, 2013

Clean Up Song in Spanish

We were trying to get Sadie to clean up last night, so we started to sing the cleanup song. I told the other kids to help me as well. Preston said, "Don't worry. I can sing the sing for everyone while you guys clean." Thanks, kid. Glad you got that covered.

Sadie: Thank you, Mama. (She says this after almost every bite she takes.)
Me: I love it when you tell me thank you when I give you things. When we pray, we tell Heavenly Father thank you because He gives us everything in the whole world. Do you want to say a prayer with me and tell Him thank you?
Sadie: No! Go away, Mama! (She takes another bite.) Thank you, Mama. (She takes another bite.) Thank you, Heaveny Fodder.

Sadie played for three hours with a little boy who only speaks Spanish. They were giggling and having fun the whole time, even though they speak different languages. There is probably some kind of lesson others could learn by watching them. Also, it reminds me that my great-grandparents got married without even speaking the same language. That would be difficult. 

I do not have permission to share the following conversation, so I will paraphrase and leave out names.

Person One: It just stresses me out to think of spending a lot of money right now.
Person Two: But it's a gorilla costume. Just think how much you would use it!

Sadie cries every day when the big kids go to school. She talks about them all day long, and asks where they are and then answers her question by saying that they are at school. She follows Avery around every afternoon and evening and on weekends. She's a funny little sidekick. 

Me: Sadie, are you going to go trick or treating?
Sadie: Wes. With Avie. I be a pirate?
Me: No. You can be a witch or a bunny or a spy.
Sadie: I skeered of a witch.
Me: Then you can wear the bunny costume.
Sadie: No, Mama. Go away. Daddy be a pirate?

Carter was a snowman for Halloween. It was his idea.

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