Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kissing Monkeys

Me: Carter, are you doing better at the things that we talked about during your student led conference?
Carter: I think mostly. Except the part about thinking about things before I do them. I stepped on a water bottle that didn't have the lid on tight, and the lid flew off and hit a girl right in the middle of her forehead. 
Me: Why did you step on it?
Carter: I have no idea. That's kind of the problem.

Sadie: Do you has a baby in there, Mommy? (Pointing at my belly.)
Me: No.
Sadie: Oh. Do you has a donut in there?
Me: No.
Sadie: (looking very skeptical) Oh. (She looked back at my belly.) Oh.

Sadie: I want a cookie.
Me: You can't have a cookie.
Sadie: Oh. Pwease have a cookie?
Me: That was a nice way to ask, but you still can't have a cookie.
Sadie: (crying) I want a cookie! Pwease have a cookie! (More crying)
Me: We don't cry and yell if we don't get what we want. 
Sadie: (calmly, with no tears) Oh.

I hope all her tantrums are so easily resolved. 

My kids love to watch Studio C with me. I love that it is something funny that is appropriate for my kids to watch but funny for adults as well. Sadie even asks to "watch a funny widow show" and hands me the ipad. She doesn't get why it's funny, but she sees the other kids laugh, so she laughs, too. 

We watched "Generation Gap" earlier tonight. (A Studio C sketch.) My other kids were all laughing and saying it was freaky, and Sadie just kept saying, "It's a cute baby! Wook at the cute baby!"

I read a book to Sadie this morning. I finished it and was just about to close the book. Sadie said, "Don't cwose it, Mommy. I want to kiss him." Then, she pulled the book close and gave Curious George a kiss. "I kissed the monkey. It's a cute monkey." 

Sadie said her prayer at lunch. "Thank you for this my mac and cheese. Pwease bwess this my mac and cheese. I wuv this my mac and cheese. And Daddy. And Avie. Amen." 

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  1. Can Sadie come live at my house! She is so adorable. And funny. I have a donut in my tummy too.