Saturday, November 2, 2013

Superhero Labels

Avery and Sadie found a package of labels. It's a good thing, too, because I might have forgotten my name had I not looked down to the label they put on my shirt that says, "Mommy."

I really wanted to see Sadie trick or treating, so a friend brought over a wheelchair that I used to go around our little neighborhood with the kids. Bill made the mistake of helping Sadie for a minute and having Carter push me. I am lucky to be alive and somehow uninjured after he pushed me, running, down a big hill and then just let go. 

When we went to the Smoky Mountains a couple of weeks ago, Bill sat in the passenger seat on a particularly long and slow drive, thanks to giant crowd of people coming the first day it was reopened after the government shutdown. He had his hand out the window for a long time, like an hour, trying to catch a falling leaf. He even dramatically vowed to catch one of the leaves. After about an hour, we had all given up hope that he would ever do it, but in the very last quarter mile of the park, he actually caught one. Our kids have said things like, "Can you believe Daddy actually caught a leaf when we were driving?" several times in the last couple of weeks. They act like he is a superhero for catching the leaf.

We also went on a very little hike while in the mountains. I got down the trail just fine, but I was having a really hard time coming back up, so Bill grabbed me and carried me on his back. Other than his dramatic vow to catch the leaf, he really is not very dramatic at all. So, it was especially depressing when he had to breathe super hard and kept grunting, loudly, because of the dead weight of his wife. So much for being a superhero. Or romantic. He said it was harder to carry me than it was to climb the Grand Teton.


  1. That leaf catching will be a Hindman family legend forEVER. SOOOOO cool.

    My kid would never again see the light of day if he pulled that wheelchair trick. I'm glad you're okay.

  2. Oh my heavens, Melissa. That last paragraph had me LOL! Love reading your blog. You're always so clever and funny.